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One of Nature’s best gifts

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Juicing your home grown aloe vera plants in your garden is a fantastic way to maximize its amazing healing properties which can give you lots of benefits in terms of health. Morever, processing your home grown aloe plants does have an added benefit of keeping out chemical additives which may have been included to extend the shelf life of the product. Furthermore, you can have some organic ingredients for you to make your own aloe fruit juice.

Here are some steps to observe if you want to prepare delicious aloe vera juice with home grown aloe plants:

1. Knife off the both ends of a ripen aloe vera plant.
2. Cut the aloe leaf into 2 sections and scrap off the transparent aloe gel.
3. Place the aloe vera gel into a blending machine and to lift up the bland taste of aloe vera, add some fruits like lemon, orange or lime.
4. It tastes much better consuming it in the cold than warm. Hence do consider putting the aloe vera juice in the chiller for fast cooling.
5. Creativity at its best! You can mix whatever fruits or juices to make it more personalized.

Well, you can refer to the aloe vera juice recipes found in this blog. These are juices have been found to mix well in the selected ingredients.

And if you are daring enough, try to drink the aloe vera juice in its pure natural state. You will discover that the taste feels weird and it does have a laxative effect hence do not try to sample too much at one go. But I bet no one will do that!

Remember, if you have aloe vera plants in your garden, treat them with love and care. It is one of the nature’s best gifts to you!

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