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Stress Reliever Smoothie with Aloe Vera

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Nutritious Food is Best Way to Fight Stress

We live in a fast-paced working community where demands are high. People want speedy turnaround for you to handle their requests. And you work your socks off to meet tight deadline. Consequently, stress starts to accumulate inside you. Work anxiety is the top culprit amongst all forms of stress.

That is why it is important we find out ways to destress well. One excellent way to destress is to put nourishing food that your exhausted body is longing for.

healthy fruit smoothies

When it comes to food that destress, there is no better option than the healthy smoothie. With these vitamin-packed stress-busting smoothies you should feel your cortisol level decreasing.

What is cortisol?

Cortisol is present in your body when in situations of danger. When cortisol levels are high, excess glucose is released into the body. This results in more fat storage and weight gain, notably around the stomach!

Why are smoothies so good in combating stress?

As smoothies are healthy and delicious, your body loves them when you drink smoothies. The foam contains fibers and nutrients that are not in solid form. This means your digestion system will not need more time to break it down. Since you need lesser energy to digest it, your total calorie intake is lesser too. In a way, this minimises the innate tension your body is going through when digesting solid food.

How about a cup of coffee?

There are some evidence suggesting coffee is beneficial to anti-stress. But it does not have the same level of nutrients smoothies can provide you. So while you can, do grab some yummy smoothies. Next you will see what a distinction that gives to your day.

Hence, it is a fact that smoothies are absolutely the trick to the mind. Today let’s have a juice recipe that helps you to lower the built-up stress in your exhausted body. As the calorie is low, this smoothie is also fantastic for those who want to trim down.

Here are the ingredients and preparation:

Sit back and destress.

Let’s make some aloe juice!

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