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Virgin Island Punch from Slightly Oliver

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Slightly Oliver is a name of a pub/restaurant located at 511 Amsterdam Ave, NYC. Here is a comment from a diner who liked the place “If you read the menu here, you’ll learn that “oliver” is Cockney slang for “tipsy.” You’ll definitely feel more than just slightly oliver if you stay here for too long; Happy hour is $4 for their punches, which are adventuresome cocktails with fun names like The Last Night in Paris and Sailors Punch, and $5 for a select white and red wine.”

Today, I present to you its unique Virgin Island punch’s recipe, courtesy of PunchFork.

  • 25 ozs aloe vera juice
  • 2 lbs strawberries
  • ozs lime juice
  • 12 ozs simple syrup
  • 14 tsp vanilla extract
  • raspberries

So, if you are in NYC now and you like punches or cocktails, feel free to pay them a visit.

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