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Carrot, Kale and Aloe Vera Juice Recipe

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Next time when you see a carrot, please look at it with from another angle that is with respect and gratitude. This is because carrot is really an unsung hero of healthy food, together with tomato. Kale may not be everyone’s favorite in the dining table but it is a great vegetable for juicing. This juice recipe is wonderful for a health boost. Drink it consistently and you will get a glow to your appearance. But let us explore the goodness of carrot and kale first.


4 health benefits of eating carrot

Lower Cholesterol

Do you know that among vegetables, carrots contain one of the highest pectin contents with 0.576 gram per large carrot. Tomatoes and potatoes are also high in pectin. This could be the reason eating carrot can lower cholesterol. It is said that if you eat a cup of carrot daily for 3 weeks, you can lower your blood cholesterol level substantially.

Maintain your good vision

There is a saying eating carrot is good for your eyes. There are really some scientific proofs to this. Carrots will not fix your vision problems but it can protect your vision from getting worse due to the deficiency of vitamin A. The biological conversion process changes the beta carotene in carrots into vitamin A which is essential for the eyes, thus reducing chances of contracting cataracts and macular degeneration.

Prevent the loss of memory

Researchers found that the beta-carotene in carrots protects the central nervous system against aging. Middle-aged people are greatly encouraged to eat more root-based vegetables which are likely to slow down cognitive decline by 3 times.

Prevent diabetes

Carrots comes with beta-carotene, a potent antioxidant linked to lower diabetes risk. In one research, those with the highest amount of beta-carotene in their blood had 32% lower insulin levels compared to those people with lower levels of beta-carotene.

Healthy Kale

4 health benefits of eating kale:

Kale is a healthy mammoth and is wonderful to your health in so many aspects. One cup of kale has near zero fat and only 36 calories! You can eat this green raw or cooked. But here, we like to use it for juicing.

Keep Your Immune System Strong

Do you know that a Kale has more iron than beef? Thus Kale is ideal source of this valuable mineral for vegans and vegetarians. It gets more oxygen get to your blood and greatly helps those who are anemic thus strengthening your immune system.


The omega-3 fatty acids in kale help fight and alleviate arthritis, autoimmune disorders and asthma. The vitamin C content helps relieve stiff joints.

Make your prettier

The healthy amount of omega-3 and omega-6 good fatty acids keep your body strong, healthy and beautiful from the inside out. Kale’s concentration of significant nutrients gives your skin’s health and appearance a kick.

Keep your vision sharp

Like carrot, kale’s Vitamin A content helps keep the eyes from optical disorders that come with aging. It also helps store vitamins in the retina.

Carrot, Kale and Aloe Juice

This very simple to prepare juice is nutritious. Better still, it is perfect for with coeliac diease!


– 4 oz Carrot
– 2 oz Kale
– 1oz Aloe Vera gel (fresh)


– Add everything into the juicer
– Mix well and drink to your health!

This makes 1 serving.

Let’s have some aloe juice!

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