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Aloe Vera Lemon Juice

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Lemon is one of the most common fruits that are ubiquitous in almost every corner of the world, but not many people are aware of its fantastic nutrition. Besides being highly nutritious, lemon has many unique physical properties that make it useful as a household product, for example, lemon as a cleaner. Hence, stop viewing lemon as a sour tasting useless fruit! It is a gem of your house!

Lemon fresh, close up

Of course, lemon is the most famous in the form of ice lemon tea or lemonade drink. These are 2 indispensable drinks during hotter months, definitely. Now, if you like a healthy juice that is very refreshing that it wakes you up from your afternoon slumber , and at the same time, able to quench your thirst, the recipe in this page will be the right mix for you!

If you have a house party, it makes a great welcome drink, and I’m sure your guests will be delighted.

How to prepare it? It’s very simple (serving of 1 glass)

– Squash 1 lemon.
– Peel a stem of aloe vera.
– Place them into a high speed blender, and blend.
– Pour 1 or 2 teaspoon of honey to the mixture
– Fill it full with water.
– Have some ice cubes!
– Optional, you can blend some leaves of fresh mint for garnish.

Once you have taken the first sip, let the juice stay in your mouth for a few seconds, while you savor the slightly sour taste of the lemon lingering in your tongue. Surprisingly, even the most hardcore non-lemon fans will be won over by the refreshing juice experience!

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